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New Brunswick

Getting Down to Motown

A nun, another nun, and a mystery illness all contributed to the development of Lucie Desaulniers as a singer.Growing up in the small Manitoba community of St. Jean Baptiste, not far from the U.S. border, Desaulniers attended a...

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East Coasters Come North

When I reach Jon Mckiel he’s in the middle of a New Brunswick snowstorm. I’m in theYukon, where the temperature has dipped below -30°C.We talk about what to expect when he arrives in Whitehorse to perform at the Available Light...

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Home, created one piece at a time

I want to spend my life with youDon’t want to live all aloneI can’t conceive of the years left in meWithout you in our home—The Proclaimers, “Life with You”It is the Good Saturday, the one before...

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Law-Abiding Beer

The Liquor Corporation in New Brunswick has created a wee bit of a stir lately (pun intended). It seems it is losing a lot of beer sales in border communities. Not to the U.S., as you might think, but to Québec.Every province...

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