New Years Eve

Sparkling Ice Wine

Cold As Ice

Nestled in the Niagara region of Ontario are many vineyards that produce some of the world’s best ice wines.

A man sitting alone with a cigarette and beer

Closing out the Year

New Year’s Eve is known to be one of the ultimate party nights of the year. But the carefree celebration does not last long.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Truth be told, I had always thought that “Auld Lang Syne” was some saintly old soul and it was just this year that I realized and appreciated, for the first time, the depth of meaning beneath these lyrics.

Welcome 2018, farewell Commissioner Phillips

According to the Yukon Commissioner’s office, the New Year’s Levee is an old tradition that dates back to King Louis XIV of France and was first introduced in Canada when fur traders would pay respect to their government representatives on New Year’s Day. The annual event has evolved from these beginnings and the levee this …

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My Resolve to Resist Resolutions Is Resolute

With increased age comes increased wisdom. That’s the theory, anyway. Naturally, those who are still young find this notion ridiculous. How could anyone be wiser than a 16-year-old?  During my multiple revolutions around the Sun, I have acquired a prodigious amount of knowledge about sundry matters. Granted, the knowledge that has escaped from my neural …

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Newspaper-Making in Namibia

Murder, betrayal or New Year celebrations – these are the topics on the list. It is December 30 and we have to decide which story will be on the cover of tomorrow’s newspaper. Unfortunately, there will be blood leaking from the newspaper on New Year’s Day. The murder of a German-Namibian farmer is breaking news. …

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The Anti-anti-Resolution

In this day and age, are we really still making new year’s resolutions? I’d have thought that resolutions fell out of fashion around the same time the “My Year of” books started coming out, those mega-resolutions that people launched their writing careers with. You know – My Year of Abstinence, My Big Fat Vegan Year, …

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Taking Stock

In Scottish households it’s a New Year’s tradition to scour the house clean on December 31st to prepare for the coming year.  My household has a fair whack of Scots’ influence, and I will say we passed the vacuum over the rugs on the 31st, but it wasn’t until January 3rd, when I broke a …

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The Perfect Party Playlist

Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party, holiday event or New Year’s eve rager, your playlist can make or break the event. You’ve spent the time and energy on the perfect decorations, food, and outfit – don’t underestimate your playlist. Music sets the tone for a party, creates an ambiance, and can be the deciding …

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A New Year and a New You

Don’t leave things to the last minute. All too often, I get clients coming in two or three weeks before a trip or an event, stressed out about losing 10 or 20 or more pounds. Unless your vacation or wedding is coming as a surprise to you, do not leave the weight loss until the …

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Happy New Beer!

In case your windows are too iced up to tell, it’s winter outside. For brewers, nothing really says winter like a barleywine: it’s strong, intensely flavoured, and pairs beautifully with a wood fire, an old pair of slippers and a good book. Lord of the Rings trilogy, anyone? (She said: The Girl with the Dragon …

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Time for Time Out

Once the flurry of pre-Christmas activities dies down, there’s no need to feel bored just because school is out and you have a few days off work. For our last edition of 2011, What’s Up Yukon took a quick snapshot of some seasonal activities that might interest you. For the artistically or historically inclined, why …

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Lots of Snow in the Klondike

welcome to a new year of news and musing from the Klondike, where the most descriptive word for the several weeks seems to be “snow”. It’s ironic since I’ve only lately written a piece for another publication explaining that great amounts of snow at one time are rare here. It seems to have been snowing …

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