New Yukoner

A New Yukoner falls in love with Yukon almost instantly.  They are brave, bold, full of wonder and have a yearn to discover.

April Ain’t Cruel

In The Debt to Pleasure John Lancaster wonders if T.S. Eliot invented the link between April and suicides, just as painter Joseph Mallord William Turner invented sunsets (Google it. I did). But, Lancaster goes on. Before talking about the glory of roast lamb in April (The Debt to Pleasure is a dark, twisted, informative read that …

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Coming In From the Outside

I find the term “Outside” very strange. At first, when I had arrived in the territory, people would use the term, almost as if they were talking about someone being committed. “Oh, he’s going Outside,” they would say, sagely nodding their heads. Once I caught the drift of the term, I wondered how long it …

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They chose Whitehorse first

I’m sitting on a rock where Lil’s Place will be in about 14,000 years. I’m thinking about a chocolate shake, but chocolate hasn’t really been invented yet. I’m travelling with some people who have finally made it to the Whitehorse area — where they will stay for a few years. “Oh, maybe 10 years,” Om …

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Roy, The Kindred Spirit

“How’d you get here? Why’d you stay?” Ubiquitous phrases heard in the Yukon indeed. With the sheer number of transients coming through the territory, it’s a natural inclination to pose these questions to the ever-increasing population of the North. The getting there. Some people have long stories, grand tales of wanderlust adventuring, where they suddenly, …

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Welcome to Whitehorse

I arrived in Whitehorse, from Toronto, about a month ago, to visit sisters that have already made homes for themselves here. I come to the conclusion that it’s the fierce cold and depressing winters that most likely keep many of my fellow-Torontians at bay, but I do not know that for sure. Whatever their reasons, …

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We wanted a community we could call our own

“We were in Pakistan — as ever, saving children,” Martin Crill says at the Baked Café, where the sun has finally come inside. “We believed Canada had forgotten about us.” He worked for Save the Children UK, an independent children’s charity, often intervening in war situations to help displaced children find families. Martin’s Canadian journey …

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