Nicholas Mah

Year of the… Grease?

“We were going to push the boundaries of what a house concert on a private property could accomplish,” says Pick.

Remembering Lenny

If you’re doing a stage show about a highly-admired guitarist, being able to render the music is a big help. Fortunately, Whitehorse musician Nicholas Mah has been playing the music of his dramatic subject, the late Lenny Breau, for decades. Mah was 12 when he first encountered Breau at a guitar society meeting in his …

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Puppet Dreams Coming True

Nicole Edwards was raised on the Muppet Show, and she dreamed of duetting with Kermit since she was a kid. As an adult, she decided to make her puppet dreams a reality. She debuted her new video, Lychee Martini, to a packed house at Epic Pizza last month. Diagnosed with scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder that …

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Frostbite Festival

Frostbite has gone back to what works

“Frostbite used to see bands play … and then you would see them play on the world stage,” says Patrick Singh, Frostbite Festival’s new producer and general manager. Then he lists them: Sarah McLachlan, k.d. Lang, Feist, Moxy Fruvous. They all appeared before they became big names. “We used to have that reputation.” Since then, Frostbite …

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Around the World on Six Strings

Nicholas Mah plays guitar with a grace that seems effortless. Although it might seem out of place that Mah is playing classical and Spanish guitar music in Flipper’s Pub on Whitewater Wednesday, he still captures his audience’s attention. Rick Sward of the Sophisticated Cavemen sits next to me, watching in awe. “He shreds on that …

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