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Northend Gallery

Heidi Hehn is Raven Mad

Heidi Hehn is crazy for ravens. It’s a taste she shares with many northerners. These big, black, intelligent birds bring wilderness into the city. Sometimes they bring that wildness closer than you’d like it, for example, when...

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Where the Wild Women Are

During the hour I spend interviewing Maureen Morris and Sandra Grace Storey I barely ask a question. The paths of the two artists have crossed more than once during their careers, but today is the first time they meet. They sink...

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Kin and Creation

Before he met his wife, Simon Gilpin’s paintings were dreary — depicting cloudfilled skies. After, he created wide-open, blue-skied paintings.“I only just realized I did that.” Gilpin used to destroy work he didn’t like. Now,...

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Simple Beauty

You know a painting is really good when you can lose yourself in it. Just like looking at a fire; you get hypnotized.Faro artist Jay Hambleton’s paintings of mountains are like that. They will be on exhibit at the North...

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Art Passes the Torch

One of Whitehorse’s oldest commercial art galleries has changed hands.Art Webster started the North End Gallery at First Avenue and Steele Street 12 years ago.”It was April of 1999 – the last century – when we opened...

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