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November 11 2020

A storm is brewing

Last time What’s Up Yukon spoke with Whitehorse-based prog metal artist Rick Massie, he had just released his debut solo album, Eclipse. Now, only five months on, Massie is already working on new music.

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Lest we forget

The poppy was originally worn as a symbol of remembrance by the Americans and was used by a French woman for a fundraising. Indeed, it was Madame Guerin who convinced the Canadian veterans to adopt the poppy as this country’s symbol of remembrance.

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Lessons in gratitude from my life in the Andes

there are certain days of the year that are designated to remind us more strongly of where we should direct our gratitude, but what really makes a difference in our lives are the small acts of reverence. Here in Peru, for example, it’s quite common to share a bit of whatever you’re drinking.

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