October 7 2020

Thanksgiving meets Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is China’s version of Thanksgiving (or Zhōng qiū jié, as it is pronounced in Mandarin Chinese), which traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, always during the full moon. It became a public holiday in 2008, but has been celebrated for centuries.

A smooth recovery

A golden eagle is recovering at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve after arriving in August, weighing only half of what a healthy eagle should weigh. The bird, brought up from Watson Lake, had a fractured scapular, which was preventing him from flying.

Falling back into programming

As Yukon students head back to the classrooms, schools and teachers are not the only groups working out how to deal with the new normal imposed by COVID-19.

Factors in wildlife management

Look at a section of forest that has been harvested. A group of conservation-minded people entered the cut and made a number of bush piles. The bush pile becomes a safety net for rabbits, squirrels and other such creatures, but let’s not stop there.

A delayed Short Film Festival will happen in October

After a few months of working at home, Dan Sokolowski is finally back in his southeast corner space at the KIAC (or Dënäkär Zho) Building. There, he’s busy downloading videos for this year’s late version of the 2020 Dawson City International Short Film Festival, which will take place over two weekends in October.

Back to the land

On an evening in early November, Teri-Lee Isaac and her family butchered a caribou that was given to them by family in Fort McPherson. While the practice gives the family a freezer full of wild meat for the upcoming winter, it also connects them to the land, and to Northern Tutchone cultural practices that have been passed down through the generations.

Juniper—Not Just for Gin

Juniper is used to flavour gin and game dishes; crushed berries are excellent in rubs for hot-smoked salmon or braised or roasted meats – Photos: Miche Genest In my Yukon world, ‘Juniper’ is a name that has been given to kittens and new babies; in the world of musician Donovan Leitch it is affixed to …

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Little by little

With the Full Moon in Pisces, I decided to cast our collective Tarot reading about compassion. In Astrology, Pisces is the soul of compassion and represents (among other things) an expansive sea of empathy and understanding for others.

Dog Culture – Roxy

Yukon’s Best Friend: ‘This getting old shtick, is going to the dogs!  Photo submitted by Julie D. Mitchell [box] Submit your digital photo (don’t forget a photo credit), name of the dog and their person, and a caption of 15 words or less to: [email protected][/box]

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