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off the grid

As the River Slowly Freezes

Living across the Yukon River from Dawson City in the communities of West Dawson or Sunnydale has its perks. You’re near town, but not in town. A 35-minute walk or 10-minute ferry ride is all it takes to partake of the amenities...

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Parking Lot Living

My first friend in Whitehorse is an older man I meet in the automotive section of Canadian Tire the day I arrive.He helps me with my engine and ends up giving me a tour of the city, introducing me to everything from the $1...

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Hard Work with a Sweet, Sweet Payoff

It took a five hour drive down the Klondike Highway, a 14 km uphill hike, four small breakdowns and three bleeding blisters, but when the smell of camp smoke and the sound of motors reached my senses, a wave of relief rolled...

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Walk on the Wild Side

On way too many days, I have been sitting at my computer working away on my business. Starting a new business is quite the adventure – and a steep learning curve.As I get drawn into my computer trying to figure things out, it...

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