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Harbingers of a New Era

Perhaps citizens of every tourism-oriented economy reserve the right to gently mock the very visitors that employ them. In the Yukon, for example, tourism contributes more than $100-million to our Gross Domestic Product and helps to generate a quarter of our jobs. Nonetheless, these figures don’t prevent us from gathering amongst ourselves to coyly chuckle …

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Emirate of the North

Part 1 of 6 Where is Whitehorse? Why are you going there? What’s it like? Three great questions and at first I struggled to answer any of them. So when Ed, a friend and former colleague asked me the big three, I thought I might veer from the truth. Where? I could be straight about …

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The Dinner Party

Part 3 of 6 Last weekend, I dined with the venerable Irish anaesthetist, Dr. Marnus F. O’Hoolahan, at his house in Squatter’s Row. It was the first time I had met him and he was in fine spirits; sitting at the head of the table like a sage, his silver hair was shimmering in the …

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Ray Cuthbert

Part 2 of 6 I’d been in the Yukon for less than a week when I was dragged on a trek into Kluane National Park. Old hiking hands, Denis and Marshall, were worryingly keen to test my mettle. It was early May and we were going to hike Slims River to Observation Mountain over the …

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Checkpoint Four

Part 5 of 6 Yukon society is a peculiar blend of the arts and the outdoors – with a healthy dose of practical knowledge thrown into the mix. Nowhere else in the world can one find so many artists in the middle of such wilderness; nowhere else in the world can one find so many …

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Marnus at Baked

Part 4 of 6 I was making my way down Main Street looking for a barber’s when I happened to glance into Baked Café. There, sitting in the window, was the inimitable Dr. Marnus F. O’Hoolahan. I hadn’t seen him — or my wallet — since the night of his dinner party in Squatter’s Row. …

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