Paradise Music Festival

In paradisum electronica

Everybody knows the Yukon has its share of folk music and roots rock, but they don’t often think about electronic music.

Paradise is ‘plugging in’

The Yukon’s annual electronic Paradise Music Festival is back and is set to take off July 27–29 at Kettley’s Canyon, at Marsh Lake.

Riverside rave

Beginning on May 31, guest DJs will perform on the Whitehorse Wharf, providing a summer dance floor for Yukon families and dance music fans.

The Paradise Beat

“Welcome to paradise,” Kevin Jack says. Thus begins my tour of a property that edges onto the swampy back of Marsh Lake. An old gold mining site, it is a refuge for old gold mining things: a tiny log cabin with grass growing out of the roof; metal drums sunken into the ground on a …

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Electronic music gets its turn

It started out with the purest of intentions: for the love of music. Five years ago, it was called Booms Day, an all-night concert of electronic music. There were a couple of a hundred fans, who would hear about it from friend to friend, and they would converge at “Paradise”. It is a hospitable piece …

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