Be afraid … be very afraid!

As the days grow dark and the cool air settles in, Yukoners begin to turn their attention from campfires to pumpkins, embracing the spirit of Halloween. The City of Whitehorse bristles with spooky events for all ages. One of the largest and most-sought-after Halloween fixtures is the annual MAD Haunted House, presented by the Music, …

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Chance of a Ghost

Claude Turcotte was the father of my two younger kids, Josh and Sophie Turcotte, also Dad to then-toddlers Geordie MacInnis and Lee Robitaille. He was my partner, lover and frenemy from 1979 to 1988, when his shenanigans became too much for me. Claude came to Yukon in 1973 to work in Clinton Creek, and stayed …

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Alaska Haunting

Wherever your travels take you, there is bound to be a place that has a ghost living in the shadows. England has the ghastly Tower of London, Romania has the mysterious Hoia Baciu forest, Japan has the eerie Hanging Ruins… Just over the border in Alaksa, our American neighbours have their fair share of haunting. …

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Mrs. Gideon’s Ghost

They didn’t know the Caribou Hotel in Carcross was haunted when they bought it. “We’re pretty aware of it now, though,”

Building Intuition

“I don’t really believe in that stuff,” a coworker says, when I ask if he’s ever had his tarot read. A year ago I might have said something similar. I wouldn’t have been telling the whole truth, though, because at that point I had neither figured out how to be truthful about my spiritual beliefs, …

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Mystic Mojo

Paranormal is normal. Everybody is psychic — some just a little more than others. That might sound untrue, but one must understand that, if interested, one’s psychic abilities can be developed. Paranormal activities we noticed when we were children didn’t feel weird to us at all. We had imaginary friends that were very real to …

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Spooky Noises are Okay, but No More Showing Up in the Flesh

Imagine working alone in an older building where, on occasion, people have seen ghosts, heard them walking around, and had them messing with their stuff. It’s not that freaky as long as you don’t believe in ghosts. Jenny Hamilton is the Guild’s general manager, and she’s a general skeptic. However, when she saw a ghost …

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