Peggy Hanifan

A Music Scene Darling

The music scene in Whitehorse is really something. Full of fresh, creative musical sounds that come straight from the heart and soul of artists who discovered their own voices inside the warmth of their homes in the dead of winter. The diving board for many of these discoveries is Peggy Hanifan and her Wednesday open …

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The Continuation of an Era

We decided to go back to where it all began. The first jam night that Peggy Hanifan ever hosted was at the Kopper King and that is where we found ourselves on none other than a good old “Thirsty Thursday”. Barry “Jack” Jenkins moved from Newfoundland to Whitehorse 16 years ago to live with his …

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Safety First. Always

When Whitehorse students go back to school on August 25, many of them will be meeting Peggy Hanifan for the first time. Many others will have spent hundreds of hours with her already, but they won’t call her Peggy. To them, she is School Bus Driver. Hanifan has spent 14 years transporting students to and …

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No Smoke, no problem: Pub crawl in post-smoking bylaw Whitehorse

As a non-smoker, I looked forward to my first pub crawl after the anti-smoking bylaw was rolled out to bars Jan. 1. This sits sideways for some people who think government is putting its nose where it aught not be. As the majority of live music in this town is presented in licensed establishments, I …

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Carving an Impression in Whitehorse

Angel Hall has only recently started coming into Peggy Hanifan’s Whitewater Wednesday Jam Night at Flipper’s Pub, but she’s already making an impression. She stands tall and confident at the mike and captures the crowd with a unique guitar style and quirky songs, including The Mothership, a surf-rock song she’s recording for Yukon Women In …

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A Born Singer

I should know better than to schedule these interviews for Thursday afternoons, but luckily Seki, a Whitewater Wednesday Jam Night regular, understands. We reinvigorate ourselves with mochaccinos at Baked Café and get down to talking. We start with her name: “Seki is fine,” she says. “No one else has my name. It’s actually my middle …

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YWIM Take it Outside

Summer’s here and the time is right for a musical evening garden party. On Saturday, July 5, Yukon Women in Music are coming out of the bars and concert halls and bringing their music to the deck of the scenic Stehelin Ranch on Couch Road. “The Garden Party is a unique atmosphere because it’s held …

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More Than One Way to Become a Guitar Hero

Whitewater Wednesday isn’t just a night for tour-seasoned musicians. It’s also for people who are just starting to play their first songs. Lisa Vollans, a close friend of mine, is one of those. She’s starting to relax and enjoy performing songs like MGMT’s Time to Pretend, and The Moldy Peaches’ Anyone Else But You. And …

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Tunes for Food

Foxy’s All Star Musical Food Drive includes a line-up established and up-and-coming bands of diverse musical styles.

The Tabor Collection

Buddy Tabor, from Juneau, Alaska, is a great friend of the Yukon music scene. He’s performed at countless festivals, collaborated with local musicians and his songs are frequently covered live and on recordings. So when Tabor was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, local musicians jumped to help. A benefit concert was quickly organized where artists …

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A ‘Yukon Hillbilly’ in Europe

Gordie Tentrees has come a long way from his first Whitewater Wednesday Night Jam performance at The Backwater Lounge, now Flipper’s Pub. He’s released two albums, has toured most of North America and, starting in early November, has launched his first European tour. Before leaving, Tentrees came out on Wednesday nights to jam with his …

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Peggy’s Favourite Son Takes the Stage

Regulars to Peggy Hanifan’s Whitewater Wednesday Jam Nights at Flipper’s Pub are familiar with her song, My Favourite Son. More recently they’ve also been able to see and hear the subject of that song, Patrik R.J. Lethbridge. As The Secret Project, Lethbridge has been performing regularly at the jam and recently at the Folk Society …

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Brendan O'Donovan

Another O’Donovan for the Yukon Music Scene

It’s Brendan O’Donovan’s turn. He takes the Whitewater Wednesday Jam Night stage and plays a variety of genres, from Ween to Tom Waits, then invites his friend Steve McGovern to join him in a cover of The Flightof the Conchords’ Business Time, a true crowd-pleaser. O’Donovan, at 19, has just begun his musical career, playing …

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