Philippe LeBlond

Bicycle Parts Reborn as Art

Philippe’s Bicycle Repair occupies a modest little house on Wood Street. The front yard is filled with many bike parts, but they are not strewn about as one might expect; rather, they are arranged – designed to catch the eye and imaginations of those who pass by. Inside, Philippe Leblond, the owner, builds and repairs …

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Re-imagining the value system

I was watching one of the Sunday-morning news shows and heard something that crystallized, in my mind, what is wrong with the financial sector. A Republican (you need to pronounce it like I do by first drawing out the “Reee” just a bit, and then spit out the “pub!” and then tack on the “lican” …

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Passing the Plasma Torch

“You gotta check this out,” says Philippe LeBlond, pointing to a steel barrel on wheels attached to his bike at the back of the garage. The barrel has a sticker on it: Yukon Brewing. “You can tell who our team sponsor is for the Kluane-Chilkat bike race,” he says, smiling mischievously. Leblond’s seven teammates used …

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“I Miss Riding in Traffic”

So what’s Dean Eyre doing here? He’s taking the job of finding the right bikes for people really seriously – and having fun doing it. Eyre is the owner of Cadence Cycle at 508 Wood Street, in the centre of downtown Whitehorse. Yes, it used to be Phillipe’s Bicycle Repair but since January 2010 Eyre …

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Mechanical Improvisation

People like to ask: “What is Yukon art?” Such a small population generates little by way of trends or movements. Most artists are, to one degree or another, in a class by themselves. Philippe LeBlond is one such artist. He takes his engineering background, his experience as a bike mechanic and his commitment to reuse …

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