A solo show

If you’ve never heard of Paul Chartier, it’s with good reason. History doesn’t usually remember what might have been. “If he had succeeded in what he set out to do, his name would be taught in every classroom in the nation,” said Doug Rutherford, local playwright. “But he failed, which has made him a very …

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In the spirit of re-emergence

The Yukon Playwrights Conference will feature information sessions presented by guest playwrights from outside of the territory and Yukon playwrights. They include, from top left Jacob Zimmer, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Kevin Loring, Monique Renaud, Wren Brian, Roy Ness, Patti Flather, Doug Rutherford, Brian Fidler, Reneltta Arluk, Leonard Linklater and Kevin Kennedy. PHOTO: courtesy of the …

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