Porcupine River

Learning to Fry

A small assembly of structures along Mountainview Drive has been quietly housing 45,000 young salmon each year for the past 25 or so years. The McIntyre Creek Salmon Incubation Facility is located midway between Range Road and Porter Creek. Now an educational facility under Yukon College, it was previously operated by Department of Fisheries and …

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Fish on Porcupine River

Sitting at a fish hole in the dark on the Porcupine River, in the Yukon at Old Crow in the fall, is not unusual. Excitement stirs when the ice begins to freeze on the Porcupine River. My friends and I begin to prepare ice augers, fishing lines, favourite fish hooks, and all-time baits. We do …

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Didee & Didoo – Poem “​Muskrat and Beaver Story”

Muskrat and Beaver Story This story is from a long time ago when Muskrat an’ Beaver met at Old Crow. Beaver was swimming up the Porcupine River an’ Muskrat was swimming down the river. Crow mountain Muskrat went to climb Beaver wondered why it took him a long time. Beaver swam around in the slough …

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Hunting for High School in Old Crow

Most teachers prepare for class with chalkboards, hour-by-hour lesson plans, and neatly aligned desks. Stan Njootli, Sr.’s preparation involves jerry cans, tarps and well-maintained boat motors. Njootli and his colleague Frances Ross are teachers at the new Chief Zzeh Gittlit High School in Old Crow. For many decades, students from Old Crow would fly to …

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