Living With Wildlife: Matt Cook

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected] Living with Wildlife by Matt Cook I took photos of this porcupine hanging around at the Grey Mountain Cemetery. Camera: I used my iPhone 7

A wild and wonderful night

This weekend the Yukon Fish and Game Association (YFGA) is hosting their annual Wild Game Banquet at the High Country Inn. The event will include the usual camaraderie as well as the awards from the Big Bull Night, which took place in November, a silent auction, and a feast of Yukon harvested wild game. Cocktails …

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Yukon See It Here: Donald Graham

​What do you do when a porcupine decides to gnaw on the underside of a shelf for the salt content in plywood ? [ in the production process of plywood, veneers are impregnated with a salt solution ]. – Problem is the shelf is about two feet from your slumbering head and it’s four o’clock …

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What am I doing? It is -45 C and I am starting to feel trapped. I haven’t left the house – unless you count visits to the outhouse or to grab more wood, which at these temperatures are so quick that they hardly bear mentioning. I haven’t left the house in 15 days. I haven’t …

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When Porcupine Attack

Dogs do so love to frolic in the woods. Treeing squirrels, digging holes, eating nameless morsels of who knows what … and sometimes playing with porcupine. Now as most people know, touching one of those quilled creatures is not the best idea. But for some reason dogs just don’t seem to get the warning signals …

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