Prince George

Finding our Faces

Melissa Carlick learned about residential schools in a class, First Nations 100, during her first year at UNBC in Prince George. Afterward she asked her dad, and found out that he went to Lower Post when he was a child. “It made sense when I found out,” she says. “That’s why I don’t know my …

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Road Trip of Envy

It is really annoying being on a road trip, not on a motorcycle. I am on a multipurpose trip; however, none of those purposes are compatible with motorcycling … 2,500 kilometres and no motorcycle. I may sound like a whiner, but it’s a long, boring drive on four wheels and, given the fact that I …

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Avalanche Aware

As the first fatality of the 2011-2012 snow season is reported (a snowmobiler in Prince George, B.C.), Kristie Simpson muses that the timing for the new Yukon avalanche forecast system couldn’t be more crucial. Simpson, a board member of the Yukon Avalanche Association and owner/operator of Avalanche North, is one of several dedicated volunteers who …

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Pucks in the Pool

While she was away at university in Prince George, Katrina Wohlfarth discovered a new passion – underwater hockey. Now that she has returned home she hopes to share that passion with the Yukon community. “It started out for me as just one of those weird university things. You stumble across it and think ‘what’s that?’ …

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