It’s About You’re Grammar: Messages from a Dessert Island

Grammar jokes are all over the internet: How do you console a grammarphile? Pat them gently on the back, saying “there, their, they’re” Let’s eat, Grandma! Let’s eat Grandma! Commas save lives. The Oxford comma debate: We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin. vs. We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin. It’s not just the …

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Begin, then begin again!

That’s right; the beginning (where else to start?). Let’s look at some creative, perhaps unconventional ways to begin sentences:

Speed bumps 101

Our neighbourhood has speed bumps (and more than a few potholes) that make slow driving an easy choice. As annoying as they may be, at times, they are important to keep us all safe. The comma is not vital to our survival, but it is vital to our success as writers. Commas can have a …

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; (No, I’m not winking at you.)

The semicolon has three major functions: to link thematically related thoughts, to introduce conjunctions or transitional phrases and to avoid confusion in lists.

The colon: Abracadabra!

Rising just above the horizon, the moon appears larger than it actually is, much larger than when it’s overhead. The colon is like that—abracadabra!—appearing in a way that has a sometimes-magical affect.

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