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Theatre in the Bush 2021

Ramshackle Theatre in the Bush “I’m already out in the yard,” Fidler says. “I’ve got my chainsaw out and I’m clearing the paths.”

The shows must go on!

Yukon theatre companies are finding creative ways to present work. Adapting shows and developing unique formats to fit with our new reality.

Identity Crisis

What does it take to make a puppet show that is also a stage show and a live-action video all in one? A script, a bunch of performers, some music. Lights, cameras, action. And cardboard. Miles of cardboard, according to Edward Westerhuis. “We go to different stores, to the dump behind their stores. The stuff …

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Puppets, Comedy, and Gore

Whitehorse has an awesome art scene. This month, The Guild will try to make it more awesome when its production of Cannibal! The Musical hits the stage. The play, which is based on the film of the same name, has been circulating North America for over 15 years, to rave reviews. The story is centered …

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Theatre in the Bush

Theatre in the Bush is held in the fall, and with a start time of around 8:45 pm, it’s held in the dark. The darkness and the bush are integral to the event. This year the show was on a Saturday evening in mid-September. ‘Theatre in the Bush’ was projected onto Brian Fidler’s gravel driveway; …

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Broken Heads Down the Road

Brian Fidler’s latest one-person show, which he wrote and stars in, has an inclusive quality about it. Broken, which premiered in Whitehorse in the fall of 2012, deals with Alzheimer’s disease and the way it affects family relationships. “The story is universal,” says Fidler. “Nearly everyone will have experiences with aging and dementia at some …

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Brian Fidler did it!

There is a moment in Becky Mode’s Fully Committed when Brian Fidler’s character, Sam, gives his father some disappointing news over the telephone. The entire audience tenses up. It was only one of many wonderful dialogues, so it cannot be considered a “magical moment”, but it was certainly a moment when the magic of this …

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Brian Fidler

For Whitehorse-based theatre artist Brian Fidler, the desire to perform dates way back. “I can trace it to third grade,” he says. “Our teacher would get us to read stories we’d written in front of the class and I loved getting a reaction.” Shortly thereafter he knew he had to make it in the theatre …

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Seriously Hilarious

Margaret Thatcher. Genocide. Venereal disease. Personal betrayal. These are not the standard fare of romantic comedy. But in the deft hands of Whitehorse playwright Peter Jickling, they become wickedly funny. With Syphilis: A Love Story, Jickling has hit the exact tone for the rom-com genre. As a love story, it comes perilously close to being …

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Wit and Film Noir

When Betty Beemer needs a health pamphlet written, she turns to Vaughn Fischer, a freelancer whose career is going nowhere. But Vaughn quickly becomes obsessed with turning a simple tract on syphilis into a masterpiece. That’s the basic premise of Peter Jickling’s quirky play, Syphilis: A Love Story, which Ramshackle Theatre will present for a …

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A Blast of Craziness

Rocket ships hanging from strings, tinfoil meteorites and cardboard cutouts… who doesn’t love a good ’60s sci-fi B-movie? They’re low-fi and cheesy, with terrible acting, and were an instant inspiration for Brian Fidler. After watching several in a row, the actor, director, puppeteer and Ramshackle Theatre founder thought about how to translate that quality to …

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Unpacking Memory

What is memory? Where does it live? Where can it take you? Who does it belong to? What is it like to live without it? These are some of the questions at the heart of Broken, a new play by Whitehorse theatre maker Brian Fidler that opened this week in as a Nakai Ramshackle Theatre …

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Syphilis Goes South

It sounds nasty. A small group of northerners is scheming to infect a major southern city with Syphilis next month. But there’s no need to alert public health officials. Ramshackle Theatre is merely hoping to spread an infectious dose of laughter to audiences at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, by means of Whitehorse playwright Peter …

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