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Love reading? Your local public library would like to make you a proposal – more free access to ebooks, audiobooks and online learning tools.
Throughout the month of February, the Yukon Public Library (YPL) system will be highlighting these new resources, along with ways for Yukoners to access them, with the New Reasons To Love You Library Campaign.

Fun Family Literacy Tips!

Don’t expect your little one to always sit still to read a book. Toddler’s move around. It is what they do. So don’t worry if they wiggle, tumble and roll. They may be on the move but they are listening.

Family Fun Literacy Tips

Literacy begins as a newborn – long before a child enters school. Literacy starts in the home with families. Your child is never too young or to old to talk, sing and read with. These are things you can try tonight. Learning to read starts from birth. Talk, talk, talk. Narrate the day as it …

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The Joys of Reading Aloud

Jack London’s The Call of the Wild is not a particularly long book. A mere 70 pages, perhaps a few more in a version with illustrations, it is often published between the same covers as its thematic opposite, White Fang, often along with some of the better known short stories to round out the page …

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A Very Literate Year (Part 1)

Dark satire about one of the most hopeful and ultimately oppressive revolutions in history, Animal Farm cuts deep into the heart of Soviet communism while simultaneously exposing disturbing parallels to our own fragmenting culture. Plus, at a slim XX pages, the book fits right into your pocket and can easily be read, say, in an …

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Word Play for Early Readers

Experienced readers know that words make a world within a story come alive. However, for early readers, sometimes they need the world around them to help the words on the page come alive. The Family Literacy Centre at the Canada Games Centre has just the ticket: Reader’s Theatre, an interactive tool for learning to read. …

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Three Books for Adventurous Souls

It’s the fall season, which means two things: the slow-creep of cold weather and a near-existential dread of the aforementioned. It also means, for thousands of Yukoners, a frantic dash to enjoy those last, fleeting moments of liveable outdoor weather in the form of fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or whatever your outdoor poison …

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Brave Old Words

Compared to what I did last time (playing my banjo and singing in front of a rowdy bar crowd) the prospect of reading poetry to a calm, literary audience does not feel very scary. And yet, though I’ve been writing poetry for most of my life and attending occasional reading events for years, I have …

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The Joys of Reading in Beaver Creek

This year was Beaver Creek Library’s first year participating in the TD Summer Reading Club (SRC). The summer reading program is a joint initiative by TD Bank Group, Toronto Public Library, and Library and Archives Canada designed to get kids reading in the off-season.The program provides participants with free program materials that include a reading passport …

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Book Reading Season

Every season is book reading season, but the most exciting season to read books is in the fall. The feeling of the change from summer to fall evokes a restlessness akin to spring fever, but it’s not that, it’s the opposite. Nobody ever says ‘fall fever’ because there isn’t a word that’s the same as …

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Reading: Not Just a Fad

If you’ve worked with young children for close to three decades like MaryAnn Annable-Roots has, you’ve seen a lot of tears, laughter and runny noses. You’ve also seen your fair share of fads. Decades ago, children were enamoured with Star Wars figurines. In my day, He-Man and She-Ra were the rage, then Pokemon blew that …

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