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Rick Massie

A storm is brewing

Last time What’s Up Yukon spoke with Whitehorse-based prog metal artist Rick Massie, he had just released his debut solo album, Eclipse. Now, only five months on, Massie is already working on new music.

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Hanging Up the Red Pen

I joined the What’s Up Yukon editorial team in late September 2012 and the first edition withmy name on the masthead was issue #300, dated October 4, 2012.What followed were 33 months of continual employment, bringing me up to...

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Generation ‘why-not’

Those of us in the workforce who are over the age of 30 have one thing in common: we have nothing in common with those under 30.Those elements that are true in this sweeping generalization (crafted solely to offer a punchy lead)...

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