Rotary Music Festival

A ‘little something special’ in the Rotary Music Festival

For the past 40 years, the Rotary Music Festival has been as dependable and as anticipated as the advent of spring to the Yukon. “We wanted to put in a little something special,” says Edith Belanger, the Festival’s first coordinator in its 40-year history. And, that little something special that Belanger is speaking of is …

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For the Love of Jazz

The guitar adjudicator at the 2009 Rotary Music Festival, in Whitehorse, is Manitoba resident Dale Normandeau. He graduated from Brandon University as a guitar major with a Music Education degree and a special interest in, and love for, jazz. Why did he choose guitar? “The guitar is just a cool instrument. It is unique in …

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Confessions of a Boy Soprano

The Rotary Music Festival – which gets off the ground again next Thursday – has been a masterpiece of logistics since its beginning in 1969. It now involves somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2,000 people: organizers, adjudicators, music teachers and, of course, the talented singers and players who will put their best work on display …

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A Stage for Students

When the 44th Annual Rotary Music Festival begins on April 11, Whitehorse can expect to hear a fresh collection of musical talent from artists young and old. “This year we are running with things that have worked in previous years,” says Edith Belanger, festival coordinator. She explains the festival will become about “who the participants …

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Practising Fast in Slow Motion

Listen. That’s the word concert pianist Ian Parker expects to use the most while adjudicating the senior piano classes at this week’s Rotary Music Festival in Whitehorse. That advice that was drummed into him by his teacher at the Julliard School of Music, Yoheved Kaplinsky. “But what my teacher really taught was the way to …

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