Sarah MacDougall

How to pivot the Pivot Festival

As with every year, the 2021 Pivot Festival will bring Yukoners surprising work from both national and local performers. Due to COVID-19, the national talent – a comic duo called Folk Lordz – will participate online from wherever they are in Canada.

Ten days to celebrate Pivot Festival’s 10th year

The Pivot Festival runs Jan. 24 to Feb. 3 with local and national acts Since Nakai Theatre launched the Pivot Festival in 2008, there have been some big names and unforgettable performances that have graced stages and pop-up theatre settings in Whitehorse. The festival has boasted bringing unconventional and award-winning shows from across Canada and …

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Wanted down south

Summer may be drawing to a close, but there is still a great music festival that you can catch. Taking place in Victoria, B.C., the Breakout West festival takes place Sept. 17-20. The festival has been going for 13 years strong. It started as the Western Canadian Music Awards. Now the performances have broken away …

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Grand Canyon

Whitehorse-based, Swedish-Canadian songwriter Sarah MacDougall has a new album, Grand Canyon, with some dark, intense lyrics, mixed against pop-inspired folk music. It’s not a departure from her previous music, so much as a progression. MacDougall says, “I think the last album [the West Coast Music Award-winning The Greatest Ones Alive] was on its way to …

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Terry Fox was a heck of a man

“It’s like the Yukon scenery — I never get tired of reading about Terry Fox.” George Maratos has never had cancer, and nobody in his immediate family has suffered from the disease. Terry Fox is still his hero. He can’t stop talking about the man. About how awesome he is. Because of what he did …

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Sarah MacDougall

Sarah MacDougall, who was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, began her first band at 11. “My friend Sarah and I had a duo called Sarah and Sarah,” MacDougall says, laughing. In 2000, the 19 year-old MacDougall moved to Vancouver and began to take her career more seriously, recording her songs and touring. While playing …

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Ready for the Road

It takes almost three weeks to nail down a time and place to interview Gordie Tentrees and Sarah MacDougall. When the appointed time comes – a late Wednesday afternoon – they are running behind and still haven’t had lunch. Tentrees seems more than a little frazzled, tossing out half-finished thoughts as he munches something decidedly …

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Lessons from the Road

Gordie Tentrees doesn’t stand still for long. Hot on the end of his Scandinavian tour (captured live on Naked in Scandinavia), Tentrees is heading on the road again, this time in support of his new album, North Country Heart. With that constant touring, Tentrees hones his skill, becoming a sharper songwriter and observer of life, …

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