Sasquatch Prom Date

Sasquatch Prom Date is a rip roarin’ rockabilly band from Whitehorse, Yukon.

Sasquatch Prom Date will have fun at Frostbite

The bearded man shrugged on his Carhartt jacket and then levelled a gaze at Genesee Keevil. She was sitting by the window, wearing a cover-your-eyes bright-pink wig, and her slightly too-loud voice only added to the spectacle. “Where are you playing?” came the unexpected question. “Frostbite, next weekend,” was the cheery answer from Keevil. “I’m …

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Sasquatch Prom Date Gains Olympic-sized Exposure

Polar bears, narwhal, wolves and sasquatches? Canada’s Northern House, a premier showcase of all things Yukon and Northern at the Olympics, could not miss a chance to show off a little rockabilly jump-jive to a packed house. The afternoon show on Yukon Day pumped up the reputation for members of Sasquatch Prom Date, already quite …

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The music moves to Haines

Once again, the streets of Whitehorse will be bare as its citizens flock to the next big summer weekend event. On this weekend, July 29 to Aug. 1, the draw will be the Southeast Alaska S tate Fair in Haines, Alaska. The private, non-profit organization is once again filling its 42 acres of land with …

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Tuning the Machine

Don’t mind the flashing lights and funky sounds, folks. This time machine is not the type you were thinking about. Based out of Whitehorse, their new project, Old Time Machine, blends the acoustic songwritingstylings of Ryan McNally with the ambient elements of Kyle Cashen’s inner workings. The machine is powered as follows: McNally sings and …

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Bringing it Home

On his new CD, Down Home, Ryan McNally really is back home. After rocking out with his rockabilly band, Sasquatch Prom Date, and fusing folk and electronica in his collaboration with Kyle Cashen, McNally returns to his true love, the blues. Although he assembled a backing band of some of the best musicians in the …

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Frostbite Festival

Frostbite has gone back to what works

“Frostbite used to see bands play … and then you would see them play on the world stage,” says Patrick Singh, Frostbite Festival’s new producer and general manager. Then he lists them: Sarah McLachlan, k.d. Lang, Feist, Moxy Fruvous. They all appeared before they became big names. “We used to have that reputation.” Since then, Frostbite …

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