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Selkirk First Nation

Back to the land

On an evening in early November, Teri-Lee Isaac and her family butchered a caribou that was given to them by family in Fort McPherson. While the practice gives the family a freezer full of wild meat for the upcoming winter, it also connects them to the land, and to Northern Tutchone cultural practices that have been passed down through the generations.

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Hunting with Gary Sam

along the north shore of Mayo Lake, up Keystone Creek and Pass, and then east along Granite and Roop creeks to Tiny Island Lake. The only trouble we had along the way was that one of the horses got stuck in the mud in a small...

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Christmas in Dawson

Christmas is a time of gatherings with family and friends.  But what if you find yourself alone at that time of year?Well, if you’re in Dawson City, you have nothing to worry about. The community will make sure that everyone has...

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