A senior walking

The Cloak of Invisibility

Hands up those of you who have ever wished you could be invisible. Right? Right? Me too! There are all kinds of reasons it would be fun…

A black powder hand gun

OMG! He’s got a gun!

A few years back, in the course of my genealogy search, I found my great-grandfather’s obituary. He joined the Toronto Naval Brigade…

A black lab

‘Bratsky’ Part 2

Several months ago, I described the joys and struggles of a couple of seniors adopting a puppy. She joined our household of three seniors…

A shelf with a variety of products


Making so many choices every day can be stressful. Sometimes it causes me to lose track of the big picture.

A boardwalk along the beach

Becoming Age-Friendly

One of the marvelous things about knowledge is how so many people are willing to share it freely so that others can learn.

grippers and cutter

Grey Matters: Grip and gripes

I’m coming to grips with how bad my grip is. Some things that have gotten better with time, my ability to tolerate my arthritis has not.

Youth is a gift; age is an art

The phrase I want to use as a mantra is “Age is an art.” It’s part of the saying, “Youth is a gift, age is an art,” printed on a button that I gave my grandmother many years ago.

Two Exciting Yukon Lives

“I was ready to live here permanently the day I got here – the land just drew (me) in,” says Velma Hull. The day she is speaking of was 57 years ago, when she and her husband –  well-known local handyman and one-time bike shop owner Red Hull – came up the Alaska Highway. Velma …

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My Favourite Word is Grandma

On December 1, 2007 at 1:32 p.m. my life changed forever.  I was introduced to Darwin Orion Murray. At about 10 p.m. the evening before I received a telephone call from my son-in-law, Avery.  Kirsten and Avery were on their way to the hospital. Even though they said I could wait for a bit before …

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Techno Challenged

If it’s true there are seven wonders in the natural world, then surely this is the eighth. The world’s most incompetent techno-challenged is boldly composing this on a brand new, state-of-the-art iPod. It’s his first, and is called by its given name: Apple Air Pad 2 — a way-ward present Santa Claus must have left …

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Green Burial in the Yukon

What happens when a person dies? We don’t truly know the answer, but death does hold one certainty: a once animated body stills. We do know what happens to the bodies of the dead. The standard North American options are casket burial in a cemetery, or cremation. In most jurisdictions they are the only options …

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A Family Affair

Peggy Duncan wasn’t the oldest member of Team Yukon in the recent Canada 55+ Games in Sherwood Park, Alberta. That distinction went to 90-year-old Irene Mahoney. But Duncan was the only with a son and daughter-in-law also participating in the national seniors’ event. And it wasn’t the first time she’s been to the games with …

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Life Long Learning

Some say that dogs of a certain age can’t learn new tricks. Sue Starr can’t speak for the dogs, but as a community organizer, adult educator, and driving force behind the new Heart of Riverdale community centre, lifelong learning is both a joy and a necessity. Take technology, for example. As technology becomes an unavoidable …

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Geezer’s Tea

 One of the more frustrating aspects of getting older is the way time becomes distorted. A simple task like making the day’s first cup of tea can take as long as four hours. Really. Let me explain. You drag your wrinkled carcass out of bed and into your dressing gown, then make your bleary way …

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Celebrating Seniors

I don’t how it happened, or when, but somewhere along the line I became a senior. And heck, before too long I’m supposed to get old. Now, I realize that “senior” is a flexible term, depending on where and how it is applied. The word “old” is even more ambiguous. My generation was the one …

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A Very Active Elder

It all started when Bill Simpson went to the wrong meeting. “Went to a meeting. Paid my dues. Thought I was joining the Golden Age Society.” Instead, he found to his surprise that he had just joined the Golden Age Society.. It was the first step of a journey that recently earned him the Yukon …

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The Greying of the Rainbow

In Canada, the number of people over the age of 65 has doubled since 1951. Our life expectancy has increased dramatically and now sits at an average of 80 years. Given these statistics, resources for our ageing population has become an issue of importance to the medical community and social support services. One area of …

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