September 4 2019

Let’s Learn Gwich’in: My working tools

Shigwitrit gwidal My Working Tools Ai shi’ii I have snowshoesDii k’ee shi’ii I have a gunSrii shi’ii I have a knifeVah troo tr’it’ii shi’ii I have a sawGwik’ih shi’ii I have a fileVah Gwīitthàt shi’ii I have a hammerVah Gijiitīi shi’ii I have a drillDachan ch’anttgwàh I have a planeTr’ih shi’ii I have a canoeKhał shi’ii I have a sledDachàavàł shi’ii I have a tobogganTaa’aih shi’ii I …

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Main Street or bust

Rolf Hougen stands with Harreson Tanner beside the bust of Sam Steele that he commissioned Chuck Buchanan to sculpt as part of the centennial RCMP celebration in 1992 What do Jack London, Martha Black, Pierre Berton and Ted Harrison have in common? They’ve all been commissioned by Rolf Hougen to be sculpted by Harreson Tanner …

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Nuts for coconuts

My fondest memory of Mexico is the availability of fresh coconut water. In the mornings, I went out to get a fresh coconut off the tree.

Changes are not always welcome, even if they are historically accurate

Sometime before the beginning of winter, the old CIBC building on Front Street will turn grey and I’m quite certain that some people will be upset. The building has been going through changes since the town bought it for $170,000 back in 2013. I don’t think we had any idea how much potentially toxic material …

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Chain of demand

I arrived in Inuvik for the first time in early July 1972. What first struck me as I toured the town was A) the 24 hours of sunlight and B) how closed off the town felt without a highway. It felt like even more of a no man’s land when I looked at it from …

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Jagged little rocks

“Pieces of the Jagged Rocks” by artist Dee Bailey opens Sept. 6 with a reception from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Yukon Artists at Work Gallery in Whitehorse. Bailey’s engaging sculptural paintings look to celebrate wildlife and the landscape. She works with oil-based modelling clay to create paintings with depth. Coloured pieces of clay …

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Helping prevent FASD

The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of Yukon (FASSY) is marking International Fetal Acohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day on Sept. 9 with a barbecue lunch at Shipyards Parks. The day helps raise awareness about FASD around the world. Sept. 9 was chosen because, as the ninth day of the ninth month, the number represents the …

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Not the basil you want, the Basil you need

Pets have always been an essential part of Peter Heebink’s life. Peter had been grieving his last dog, Oliver, and was not sure how he would replace his beloved companion. Then, one day, he needed some basil, so he grabbed $50 and jumped into his car to visit the Fireweed Community Market.

Dog Culture – Donald Graham

Although my daughter’s dog, Sadie, and my dog, Watson, did not live in the same house, they were always good buddies on the bush and mountain trails. This photo was taken June 10th, 2013 at one of their favourite spots when they were both young whippersnappers in their prime. I don’t think either one was …

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