September 9 2020

Race to the Finish!

Scenes from the August 1, 2020Great Klondike International Outhouse Race in Dawson City ABOVE: Yes You Can On The Can came in 4th place And here’s the poop!

Quilters Without Borders

Quilters Without Borders has been going strong for 14 years, based in Bear’s Paw Quilts on Second Avenue. I had the pleasure of chatting with four members of Quilters Without Borders one Thursday afternoon to get some insight into the organization and the women who make it happen. Joining me were May Gudmundson, Lee Pugh, …

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Blueberry Pilgrims

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many berry pickers as this year in the White Pass near Fraser, B.C., southern Yukon’s favourite place to find blueberries. The pandemic was driving us out into the stunning moonscape of small lakes, rock, balsam fir, lichen, alder and dwarf birch from Log Cabin to Summit Creek in …

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Conservation Photography

I have a confession. I work for CPAWS Yukon and I’ve never been into the Peel Watershed. (The small exception is the time I canoed the Blackstone River when I was a kid). Still, I’ve never hiked the jagged ridgelines of the Mackenzie Mountains, or admired the crimson-speckled stones on the shore of the Snake …

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Whitehorse Community Choir

Whitehorse Community Choir Goes Virtual

In these uncertain and unusual times, the “new normal” doesn’t always look like the old one! The Whitehorse Community Choir has come up with a way to permit members to sing while still respecting their health and safety – a virtual choir.  The choir will be holding virtual practices on Zoom starting on Monday, September …

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Smashed cucumber salad with ginger

Fresh, crisp cucumbers are perfect at any summer meal. They add texture and contrast when paired with grilled meats. This version can be served as a salad, or as a garnish, next to pretty much anything you’d throw on a grill.

Powering the North

When it comes to energy, northern communities require sustainable, reliable solutions. There are many challenges to planning a power project in the North, including severe weather and electric power networks that span great distances. Renewable energy technologies can work, but they need to be carefully planned and designed so they meet the power needs of …

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An ABC Aviation Adventure

There are all sorts of ABC books out there, but they are seldom as focussed on a particular subject as this one, which manages to do the job of introducing all the letters while remaining firmly in the air.

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