Shifting perspectives and behaviour

May is Sexualized Assault Prevention month in Canada. Here at home, the Yukon continues to have a disproportionately high rate of sexualized assault compared to the rest of Canada.

Learning, Living and Loving

Jess and Brady are happily married. Their love story began like many others – they got to know each other while working shifts together at the local movie theatre and feelings blossomed as they started spending more and more time together. It wasn’t long – four months to be exact – before Brady asked Jess’ …

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Questioning the World

Harlan Pruden and Marney Paradis are PhD program at UBC. Pruden gave a talk to a group of peers – including Marney – after class once. As Pruden describe it, upon hearing the presentation, Paradis’s mind was blown. Two-Spirit People, Then and Now: Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Historical and Contemporary Native America is the …

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Dispelling Myths

I saw a recent posting online that used statistics to dispel myths about the gay community. It was an interesting collection of data. OKTrends compiles data from OKCupid, an online dating site. This gives OKTrends a huge database from which to gather data on sexuality and dating. In their own words, they state their reason …

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Pride Week Celebrated in Film

The queer community in the Yukon is full of creative and innovative people doing interesting projects in the areas of the arts and business. One of our local lesbians is a filmmaker named Heidy Enka, who has written and directed a film called Trauma Queens. Her film has been chosen to be screened at Entzaubert, …

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Youth Bullying Must Stop

There has been a YouTube video going around lately with Ellen DeGeneres pleading to end intolerance after a spate of young gay people committed suicide. Even in this day and age of greater tolerance towards all minorities, and even after 40-plus years of the gay rights movement, gay youth still experience bullying and are still …

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