Snow Clearing

Taking it to the Streets

The streets of Dawson vary in size, height, width and smoothness with the seasons. In spite of snowfall and the need to plough them, they are really at their best in the winter, when the hard-packed snow fills in all the possible places where potholes might form. In the summer, potholes are the bane of …

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Reflections on Harsh Times

Last Friday I returned from a run to find The Frenchman shovelling snow.  The end result is like an iced cake: smooth, precise and clean. It’s peculiar how one can go from being wrapped in one’s tiny world to having a sudden connection with things beyond comprehension. Upon reaching the cabin we found texts from …

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Dawson Moves Into Puddletime

Dawson has entered that phase of spring I call Puddletime. City workers have been trying to keep up by opening storm drains. The rapidly accumulating melt-water makes its way to the river, but it’s a losing battle. The darn streams freeze up again if the temperature drops significantly at night. It’s hard to think back …

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Shovelling Smart

Call me crazy, but I kind of like shovelling snow. Given my advanced age and generally sedentary lifestyle, it would probably be wiser to delegate that task to some neighbourhood kid. But with a driveway roughly the size of Taylor Field, at today’s market rates for child labour it would probably cost the equivalent of …

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