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Yukon See It Here – Northwestel Challenge

As part of their 40th anniversary celebration, Northwestel hosted their 2019 directory recycling challenge winners from Yukon Montessori School. The winning students first learned the ropes in ‘Rawk Camp’ with Speed Control, then performing alongside the band in front of their families and friends for a private concert at MacBride Museum of Yukon History. Photos: …

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Inspiring on stage

On January 15, Tentrees was joined on the small Hamilton and Son stage for his 90-minute performance by Amelia Rose Slobogean (fiddle) and Graeme Peters (guitar). The trio explored some of their new works and shared their crafting experiences and inspirations of the pieces, displaying a rare chance to see the creative process through someone else’s eyes.

Canadian concert series comes to Whitehorse

Aurora, a Canadian company that produces and distributes medical marijuana, is putting on a national series of free concerts to celebrate cannabis culture and the imminent legalization of marijuana through music and arts.

Writing Across the Borders

An ambitious pan-Northern ensemble of seasoned musicians from all three territories will make its debut in Whitehorse next week as one of the performance highlights of the fifth annual Adäka Cultural Festival. The New North Collective will bring together the songwriting and performing talents of four Yukoners, two residents of the Northwest Territories, and a …

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Extra Cheese with That?

Francis Thompson admits he’s been a “closet hip hop head” for years. “I started writing when I was fairly young, like 13 or 14, but never really did anything, just kept it in my notebook, stashed away in a closet.” He remembers going to parties where friends would sit in a circle, throw on an …

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Atlin Arts and Music Festival

A long-time favourite for local families, the Atlin Arts and Music Festival is an institution. Now in its 11th year, the event draws visitors and performers from across Canada and beyond.  Taking place July 11 to 13, this year’s festival will feature guest performers like Gord Downie and The Sadies, David Francey, Danny Michel, and …

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Triple Threat

With three noticeable talents, namely photography, singing, and fashion design, Emma Blair is exceptional – and not afraid to be loud and proud about her interests. Her father ignited her passion for photography when Blair was four years old. It was 2005, Christmas time in the Yukon. The family had just moved to the Yukon …

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Rockin’ Riverdale

This February finds Whitehorse music aficionados scratching their heads in a manner not seen since the Trudeau administration. After 35 years of jams and jingles, the Frostbite Music Festival will fall silent this year. But while some see disappointment, others sense an opening. Enter Josh Paton and Marcus Steiner. Paton is the proprietor of Epic …

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Son Rise: The Midnight Sons get ready to rock Western Canada

They got together in February, and now The Midnight Sons are heading out of the territory to spread their style of minimalist, rootsy folk-rock across western Canada. Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Alex Johnston, drummer Patrick Docherty and bassist Ian MacIntyre, the trio have been performing steadily around the Yukon since forming The Midnight Sons. …

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Peters Drury Trio—then and now

If you lived in the Yukon in the 90s, then you know the Peters Drury Trio. There was Caroline Drury with her crystal-clear voice; there was Graeme Peters, wildly talented on the drums and, well, just wild; and there was his brother, Jesse, the skilled tactician on piano. They were talented and fun and incredibly …

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The Yukon rocks Vancouver

Yukon musicians will be entertaining Vancouverites this week, which is nice, but … “I see this as a huge marketing initiative,” says Debbie Peters of Magnum Opus Management, the event producer. “A lot of these performers see this as a launching pad.” And such a nice launching pad it is, too. The Railway Club is …

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Now we are here, in Zenadu

“The idea was Patrick’s,” says Bill Polonsky, the “media guy” for the upcoming Zenadu Music Festival. “He was saying there is this place he knows of – there were some raves out there and a winter concert – and they called it ‘Paradise’.” So, in an AAMF-less summer, they decided to throw a music festival …

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Dancing to Graeme Peters’ Pain

Someone must have hurt Graeme Peters really badly because he’s gone completely emo on us. Emo, for those of you unfamiliar with punk subgenres, is about reaching into your own chest and tearing out the aching heart inside and showing everyone how broken it is. Plus you can dance to it. With Speed Control‘s new …

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On the Verge of Creating Something New

As Bryan Adams said, “Everywhere I go, the kids want to rock.”Solid Fuel’s first recording is proof of that. Solid Fuel is a band of Yukon middle- and high-school students consisting of Logan Frasher, Ale Peters, Madison Dixon and Ragnvald Royle, and their teacher, the multi-talented Graeme Peters. Having shown the kids how to rock …

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From Nashville, In Overdrive

Speed Control is all about the performance. The Whitehorse pop-punk trio – guitarist Graeme Peters, his brother and bass player Jody Peters and drummer Spencer Cole – give a show that can make anyone take notice. To improve those performance skills, the Peters brothers travelled from Whitehorse (and Cole from Seoul, South Korea) to meet …

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Exposure Demystified

Unlike the human eye, mind, and heart, the sensor in your digital camera has no emotions or imagination affecting it. All it can do is record levels of brightness the sensor is exposed to that allow it to record the information needed to create the image. To do this the exposure must be correct. Too …

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Rock in a Rush

Would-be rockers in Haines Junction and Faro have a chance to perfect their performance chops in the next few weeks, with help from rock trio Speed Control. The group, comprised of lead singer and guitarist Graeme Peters, drummer Spencer Cole and bassist Jody Peters, is offering “rock camps” in the two communities on back-to-back weekends, …

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MOM’s the Word

It was only logical for Debbie Peters to do what a Mom would do – pitch in and help. At the time, her sons Jesse and Graeme had formed a jazz trio with fellow F.H. Collins student Caroline Drury. Before long, the Peters Drury Trio started gaining traction. “They needed somebody to do management, and …

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Irrepressible Energy

Catchy and up-beat, with plenty of the brazen, in-your-face rock attitude that has become their signature, Speed Control‘s second and latest album, F.A.B., hit the streets on August 7 and has since been uploaded to iTunes and CDBaby. The album was produced by Saskatchewan-based producer David J. Taylor, who first saw Speed Control perform at …

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