Spruce tips

Fresh spruce tips

Gather: All The Spruce Tip Things

Spruce tip season is short. There’s anxiety about getting out soon enough. Once picked and processed, you can experiment with abandon.

Parmesan and Spruce Tip Shortbreads

Ever eat from a package and think, “Huh. I could make that.” I sampled pricey Parmesan &rosemary shortbreads, I tried spruce tips instead.

Northern Food Fusion

I am a lover of adventure and fine tastes – a forager of the wild world. The life I live is close with nature and so is my diet. I am a Gwich’in Inuvialuit Caucasian woman living in the far north, and a student of natural medicine. My elders taught me about the healing gifts …

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Sprucey French 75

The spruce tip harvest was early this year; green buds started appearing at the ends of spruce branches around mid-May in Whitehorse and continued being harvestable well into the first week of June – on higher ground at least. Best-laid plans notwithstanding, I never did make it out for a concentrated session of picking, but …

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Making Culinary Art from Local Trees

You know that thing that happens when you taste something and it is so delicious that the experience goes beyond just eating something to this ethereal, transcendental, whole body experience? High-end chefs are always on the hunt for a new source of that experience and according to Whitehorse cook and author Michele Genest, there is a …

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