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She unscrewed the cap on her Coke and it “fff’ed” as air escaped.Inflight turbulence, she reckoned. The captain had warned them at takeoff. People were unusually silent; each, no doubt, finding their own way to...

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Unspoken universal language

I released the cold brass doorknob and walked up a half-step into an invisible wall of ammonia, iodine, freezer-burned meat and brown-sauce stench so thick and acrid that my nose burned.The floor was shiny – impeccable – the...

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I spend breakup at Kathryn’s cabin, at Marsh Lake, about 60 clicks out of Whitehorse. I have given up the pottery studio.It was a mistake; it was too soon; it wasn’t the right time.So I drag “Fred”, my...

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The Dempster adventure

In 2002, I embarked, with the love of my life, on a Yukon adventure I never experienced in the 29 years I lived here.Here, I confess, we were sort of living together without a “shack-up permit.” Wonder what happened...

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Understanding the value of a road

How many memories are created by a simple family vacation …Depending on how you look in the rear-view mirror, the road behind can seem rocky – one of bad luck and poor decisions – or like a yellow-brick road of which each...

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Suffer a new day

What an eccentric thing is the skyWhen at close of day it dances colours for my eyes.What beauty folds itself in swaddling cloudsAnd wraps horizon in misted shrouds.Where stars turn course, and gaily gleam,Night creeps forth its...

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Where Will the Ravens All Gather?

Where will the ravens all gathernow that the tree tops are gone?Where will they hatch their nefarious schemesand plot from midnight to dawn???Where will they watch for the dog food bowlsthat are left to feed pooches outside?How...

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