Tagish is an active community In the heart of the Yukon’s Southern Lakes and offers visitors a unique experience and is just one of the many beautiful places to visit in the Yukon. Whether it’s fishing in Tagish Lake for delicious lake trout or travelling through the area with your RV or motorcycle (the annual Ride For Dad often runs through it) or simply making a day-trip to explore your favourite spots, Tagish is an enchanting place. With its own active community centre which regularly hosts a pancake breakfast and boasts beautiful mountain vistas of places like Montana Mountain and a short drive to Crag Lake making it an explorer’s paradise. Situated along The Tagish Road (Highway 8), just west of Jake’s Corner on the Alaska Highway it is geographically close to other amazing communities like Carcross and less than an hour from Whitehorse, it’s no wonder Tagish is a favourite spot for Yukoners and visitors alike.

Radio Rob

25 Years of Radio Rob

It’s been 25 years since Rob Hopkins, often known as Radio Rob, started up his first radio station, CFET-FM, in his home of Tagish.

A woman standing in front of the mountains

River Meets Wolf

Yukon authors Kay Deborah Linley and Kathryn Couture wrote books about a kayaking tour, as well as a fantasy series about wolves.

Counting birds is a social affair

The International Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is Dec. 14 – Jan 5. last year (2017) saw 12 in The Yukon from Watson Lake to the Tombstones.

Dog Culture – R Lendvai

My name is Szotyi, I’m a mudi (Hungarian shepherd) from Hungary. I live in Whitehorse. On this picture I was watching over Tagish Lake. [box] Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send photos of Yukon dogs and their people to …

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Powering community media North of 60

Tagish-based open-source technology guru and founder of Open Broadcaster, “Radio” Rob Hopkins is a driving force behind the use of this technology in northern Canada A group of broadcasters and open-source technology enthusiasts are having get-together at the Days Inn in Whitehorse on March 23. The open-source North 60 conference brings together professionals from different …

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Fishermen’s Tales: Mike Gustus

There are lies, darn lies and fishing stories. In the Yukon, fishing is a huge hobby and we’d love to share your big ones, but only if they didn’t get away!

41lb. Lake Trout out of Tagish Lake

Hunting for Wildlife: Mike Gustus

This 43” lake trout, which weighed in at a husky 41 pounds, was caught in Tagish Lake on Saturday, July 19 by Mike Gustus, who writes: “A good ole (Len Thompson) Five of Diamonds barbless hook caught this hog at 94’, deep trolling with my long-time fishin’ friend Brian. I always use a 20lb test, …

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Where the Wild Women Are

The paths of Maureen Morris and Sandra Grace Storey have crossed more than once during their careers, but today is the first time they meet.

Mini-Fibi and Radio Rob in Tagish, circa 1988

Radio Rob

I’m almost at the Tagish Bridge when 106.7 CFET kicks in and the truck is flooded with Estonian pop music. I’m on my way to interview the fellow that makes this happen. I spent some time growing up in Tagish, and it’s there that “Radio Rob” Hopkins continues to be a close neighbour to my …

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Tagish Khwaan researcher

Formerly Tools, Now Artifacts on Display

The Kwanlin Dün First Nation recorded elders’ stories in 1993. This turned into about seven boxes of transcripts, which sat in an office. Elders gathered several more times, and their stories of camp locations and trail locations were again recorded, transcribed, and combed. Archaeologists compiled and compressed the information-as-stories, and honed in on one geographic …

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Happiness is a Warm Bird

It’s a season of traditions, and for thousands of Canadians this means taking part in the annual Christmas Bird Count. Called the “longest-running science project in the world” by the Audubon Society, this annual winter event — the 115th — can be fun, and it also has a purpose. This year the Yukon Bird Club …

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The Collector in Tagish

His name is Douglas Roy Rogers Dupont the 3rd. That’s what he’s known as on the water around Tagish at least. It’s his two-way radio handle.

Yukon Girl: The Homeschool Social in Tagish

There is a new program that has started in Tagish, it’s called the Homeschool Social. I interviewed the recreation director, Colin Hickman, and three Penner brothers who go to the social: Dalton (8), Dawson (7), and Alex (5). The Homeschool Social is a program a lot like the ones in Whitehorse, called Learning Lions and …

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Rabbit and Raven

The Storey of Raven and Rabbit was originally planned for New Zealand. Sandra Grace Storey, born and raised in Whitehorse, spent her childhood summers in a cabin on Tagish Lake. At 18 she moved to Calgary for art school. Then she sailed to New Zealand. New Zealand has no ravens, no predatory mammals and little …

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There’s a party goin’ on!

Here’s a taste of how Yukon communities, from B to W, will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1: Beaver Creek festivities will kick off with a parade, then volleyball, children’s games and a community barbecue at the RCMP. Carcross festivities will include a community barbecue, as well as a petting zoo and horseback rides …

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P-Wing: Not your daddy’s cover band

Pegasus Wing beckons listeners to recall the profound messages and blissful sounds made by artists whom (unbeknown to them at the time) stood at the 80s doorstep of strange musical wonder, having just come off a 70s classic rock high. André Gagné, Fiona Solon, Ken Hermanson, Micah Smith, and Mike Millar (with an “a”) collectively …

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Tasting Tagish

Pat McKenna takes a cook’s tour of famous, infamous and soon-to-be-famous Yukon chefs. Café, motel, RV park, store and more – Tagish Stores is serving up authentic German cuisine, real Italian coffee and a Saturday barbecue for which reservations are recommended. Kurt and Jutta Gantner are the owners, operators and chefs who credit their style …

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Artist wants your memories

As thrilled as Daphne Mennell was to be commissioned to build a sculpture for Whitehorse’s new Public Safety Building, it is an experience she wants to share with all Yukoners. More than that, she wants the collective experience of Yukoners to be represented “in” and “on” the sculpture. She is asking for Yukoners to donate …

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World of Words: The Yukon’s Rugged Librarian

When Bette Colyer arrived in Whitehorse in 1961, her challenge was “to build a library system from a desk and a pencil.” Born in Cape Breton in 1920, the home-schooled Bette was 16 when she saw her first library, at Acadia University. Hooked, she studied and became librarian of the National Research Council Aeronautical Division …

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Inspiration in Solitude

Alice Park-Spurr isn’t afraid of the vast remote distance between her homestead and the rest of the world — she thrives on it. She left the buzzing hive of cities behind, moving from a job at Hewlett-Packard in California, to break ground with her husband in the remote landscape around Tagish Lake. The move from …

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