illustration of a devil

The Beast In Me

The Devil Tarot card says we all have a beast inside of us that can erupt without warning and make us our own worst enemy.

The Transformation of Waste

Is it weird to lick your fingers while you’re making Chocolate Poop? Use a dark high-percentage chocolate, ideally locally ground if available.

Take the Long View

How can we best support our fathers? Card: Three of Wands, Minor Arcana. I smiled when this card appeared about supporting our fathers.

The Card: Queen of Swords, Minor Arcana

Breathe with Perspective: Advice on dealing with anxiety

Question: What will help us deal with anxiety? The Card: Queen of Swords, Minor Arcana Rulership: Scorpio. Element: Air. Colours: White, yellow. Time: Dawn. Direction: East. Season: Spring. The Deck: The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910. Card illustration here by Aimée. Astrological Circumstances: I cast the reading during the Waning Crescent in Leo, in …

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Sometimes less is more

Spring fever may feel overwhelming this year. Thank-you to my dear Taurus friend who helped me create the questions for this collective Tarot reading.

Sometimes we need to surrender

I’ve seen The Hanged Man provoke fear, but this Tarot card (mostly) comes in peace. Take note of your initial response to the hanging figure and keep that response in your back pocket.

Do not drown in nostalgia this holiday season

No matter your spiritual practice, chances are there is a special holiday in December for you, celebrated with gatherings, rituals, and traditions. Of course, this year will be different and I surely need not tell you why.

Little by little

With the Full Moon in Pisces, I decided to cast our collective Tarot reading about compassion. In Astrology, Pisces is the soul of compassion and represents (among other things) an expansive sea of empathy and understanding for others.

Let The Sun Shine on Your Work

This reading is for all of us, collectively and as individuals, with a special dedication to all the Earth signs out there – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

The Empress Will Lead the Way

I sought a message for us, collectively and as individuals, about our relationships to the some of the current events in the world. My heart was lifted by the card we were given. The Empress.

Pace Yourself, You Animal

Welcome to the first edition of “Traveling Light,” my new column for What’s Up Yukon. To begin, I’d like to launch the column by drawing one Tarot card for the human community of the Yukon, and beyond, at this moment. 

Building Intuition

“I don’t really believe in that stuff,” a coworker says, when I ask if he’s ever had his tarot read. A year ago I might have said something similar. I wouldn’t have been telling the whole truth, though, because at that point I had neither figured out how to be truthful about my spiritual beliefs, …

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Mystic Mojo

Paranormal is normal. Everybody is psychic — some just a little more than others. That might sound untrue, but one must understand that, if interested, one’s psychic abilities can be developed. Paranormal activities we noticed when we were children didn’t feel weird to us at all. We had imaginary friends that were very real to …

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Yukon Artists @ Work Painter Neil Graham Unveils a Project Six Years in the Making

Tarot cards are tools for divination and reflection; giving the person receiving the reading insight into past, present and future. The exact origin of the Tarot remains disputed and suitably mysterious. “The Tarot cards in more or less their present form appeared in 15th century Italy, but many believe their origins trace back to ancient …

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Tarot: A Tool for Truth

When Ellen Brian talks, she looks you in the eye. She speaks in well-constructed sentences and, when she finds something funny, she laughs naturally. Brian strikes those who meet her as down-to-earth. With this in mind, some might be surprised to discover what she does for a living. Her business, Little Star Astrological Services, specializes …

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