Managing Health with Meditation

Today many people practice meditation for stress relief and to improve their overall quality of life. However, is there evidence that meditation is effective? If its effects can be proven, how can meditation be practiced by people with different fitness levels and abilities to concentrate? A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University in 2013 show …

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The Next Act

Longtime Yukon teacher Mary Sloan and rapper Eminem have something in common. They both got their careers started in Detroit’s notorious 8-Mile district. However, Sloan’s teaching environment from the beginning to the end could not have been more different. Growing up in Michigan, Sloan was just 20 years old when she began her first teaching …

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Write from the Soul

What’s an English teacher to do once she retires: take a trip through the Northwest Passage? Ruth Armson did that, and wrote about it. Compile an autobiography, perhaps? She did that, too. “I’d been away from home since I was 15, and I thought, ‘What’s a better way of letting my family know what my …

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A Mothering Hen

When Kaska master carver Dennis Shorty talks about his art, the conversation is more likely to focus on his respect for the materials he uses than on his finished products. “When I pick up that piece of wood, that piece of wood came off a tree and it’s still alive. And now it’s laying on the ground and …

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Class and Confidence: An ode to teachers that inspire

With the start of the school year, my neighbourhood bus stop is abuzz with talk of who has Mrs. So-and-So and what kind of teacher Mr. Such-and-Such is. In a town where politicians aren’t even called by their last names, teachers are in a unique category. Partly revered, partly depersonalized; teachers just aren’t like regular …

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Acting Out Her Passion

Sometimes people stumble upon their passions accidentally; such is the case with Sophia Marnik. After studying to become a teacher at McGill University, she came North to the Yukon, in 1996, with an open-ended future in front of her. At approximately the same time, a local production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was …

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