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Girls Gone Wild(erness)

Martha Henderson didn’t expect to get one of the six Young Nature Leadership Grants awarded by Nature Canada this year. “I’m a bit stressed honestly,” she laughs. “I was like, ‘Oh no, people are expecting things of me now!’” All jokes aside, the 25-year old Whitehorse resident says she’s flattered and honoured to have been …

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Superhero Highschool

Growing up is hard. And the microcosm of high school — with its changing expectations and responsibilities and the push-pull of social dynamics, while, at the same time, you’re trying to establish emotional coping mechanisms and, above all, dealing with the omnipresent questions about the rest of life…? Phew. It’s exhausting just reading that, nevermind …

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Wisdom Teeth

I discovered that I had wisdom teeth at the ripe age of 10. Then promptly put off thinking about the matter, until I was told I needed to get them removed last summer. After obtaining this ominous knowledge, I prepared for the procedure as any millennial would: by surfing the web. Upon reading several horror …

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I Know What You Did

In Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th century collection of novellas called The Decameron, seven young women and three young men entertain each other with stories for 10 days inside a secluded villa near Florence as they tried to escape the Black Death. More than 650 years later, Toronto playwright and multidisciplinary theatre maker Jordan Tannahill found himself …

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Teen Valentine

What are teen relationships like on Valentine’s Day? The answer may surprise you. It is actually one of the most stressful days of the year.

High School

High school is possibly the five longest years of your life. You spend the first year coming to grips with the fact that everyone has to shower after gym class, then you spend the next four years waiting for the experience to be over. The low point comes at the end of Grade 10 when …

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Can I Come Along Again?

Germany is green and clean — there’s not much garbage, and there are recycling bins everywhere. The people are friendly. Being on a train is fun and comfortable, and riding in a first class compartment is better than flying. We went to a Catholic all-boy school in Mainz for a day, which was different from …

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Care and Feeding of Your Skateboarder: It’s that time of year again

And the thaw continues. Its only mid-March, but the snow in Whitehorse is almost gone and the theme from the Twilight Zone goes through my head every morning as I splash through puddles on my way to work. But let us not bemoan the impending planetary catastrophe known as global warming, let us rejoice instead …

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True Confessions of a Geek

I am a geek. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the geeky spectrum. In my teens I was cooping myself up in darkened basements, surrounded by junk food and simulated adventuring detritus. My equally dorky pals would pour through ludicrously detailed rule books, while we argued over endless arcane vagaries. From comic books and …

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Reaching out, at home and abroad

It was a proud moment for 17-year-old Mauricio Ruaz, Grade 12 student at Vanier Catholic Secondary, when someone said, “I’m glad you put Colombia’s name up high … where it belongs.” That’s where his journey began, in Bogota, Colombia. In 2003, the family relocated to Whitehorse. On May 7, at Château Laurier, in Ottawa, Ruaz …

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