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Telescope & Binoculars

This party is cosmic

At the end of October, the Takhini Hot Springs, a short 30-minute drive north of downtown Whitehorse, will be turned into a hub for astronomy lovers. The Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS) will be hosting its first annual Star...

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My View on Optics

Whether you’re a hunter, bird-watcher, naturalist, or a combination of all three, optics play a big part in the activity.Sure, wildlife can be spotted with the naked eye, but a device to magnify your vision is crucial if you...

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Lost and Found

In 2010, I was privileged to hunt with my 12-year-old daughter on our second successful moose hunt.We were able to get a shot at a large 64″ Alaska/Yukon bull resting in the willows, but due to the hard walking, Hayley was...

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Taking on the Winter Cold

It would seem that winter is here in full force, bringing icy cold temperatures that chill you to the bone, unless you are prepared for the onslaught.Are you prepared? Is your observing equipment ready to go out in the frosty...

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