The Art of Camping

Tatchun Lake is for Us Paddlers

Tatchun Lake Campground has 20 campsites and none of them are a pull through site; there is a boat launch and a cook shelter. That’s what you’ll find in the campsite guides. But how much does that really tell you? I can tell you that those campsites are some of the most untouched campsites I’ve …

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Federal Campground is Nice, Too

HAINES JUNCTION There are numerous campgrounds in and around Haines Junction. Your YTG Campground permit will let you camp at most of them … but the Kathleen Lake Campground is not one of them. The Kathleen Lake Campground is a federal campground that lies just inside the borders of the Kluane National Park: a “World …

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Quest for Fire

That is your favourite time at the fire? What makes the campfire the best place in world for you? Perhaps I am being a bit presumptuous in assuming that the fire holds the same allure for you as it does for me … but it does, doesn’t it? Is it the Moment of Ignition? Watching …

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Everything in nature has a purpose. The purpose of the Noble Mosquito [Culiseta longiareolata] is to keep our campsites from becoming overcrowded. What I see as a minor annoyance in the overall experience of camping, those with a weaker constitution – or with less-developed mosquito-minimization strategies – succumb to like Kleenex on a campfire. And …

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Finding the Cure

Nature Deficit Disorder. Really? An official term for spending too much time not camping! The Yukon has your cure. Prescription strength!

Creature Comforts

Family camping is like the third evolution of camping (after being taken out to Algonquin Park with my parents) … at least it is for me anyways. My first evolution of camping involved figuring out how to fit the maximum amount of beer and people in the Tercel. Comfort wasn’t an issue, I wasn’t going …

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