The Boreal Feast

Michele Genest’s feasts cover the whole spectrum―for small groups or large, extensively planned or spontaneous, as elaborate as a 12-course tasting menu or as simple and satisfying as a pot of Labrador tea and a piece of bannock.

Nebraska Turtle

Sid van der Meer has lived in Beaver Creek, Yukon since 1997. He’s made a comfortable home for himself, and a charming museum for friends and visitors. His collectables can be found in both his museum and his home. As you walk in the front door of van der Meer’s home, you are greeted by …

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Experiencing Finnish Cuisine

While reading The Boreal Feast, Miche Genest’s second cookbook, I wanted to pack my baggage and travel to Scandinavia. Genest surrounds recipes with stories and anecdotes from traveling to Swe den, Norway, and Finland, and awakens wanderlust in the reader. In Scandinavia, Genest was inspired; she learned about traditions and new recipes that she describes …

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Feasting on the Forest

Miche Genest is up early, squeezing wild-rose-petal-infused egg whites into small twists on parchment-paper-lined baking pans. She’s making meringues in preparation for the launch of her second cookbook, The Boreal Feast: a culinary journey through the North.  The meringues are dainty, pink floral-shaped cookies; she says you can smell the rose petals more than you …

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