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The Digital Eye Columnist Norm Hamilton is a past writer for What’s Up Yukon. Norm has carried on to publish his own book! You can find it here

Travel Photography

As I sit here in Pisa, Italy, I’m thinking a short column on travel photography is in order. My first recommendation for a really important piece of equipment to take along with you is a good pair of shoes so you stay comfortable during the long walks you will be taking. As for your photographic …

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Capturing Rendezvous

The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous is about to bless us with its annual appearance – a great opportunity for you to capture all the activities and events as digital images. Are you up to the task? Is your equipment ready to meet the challenge? You’ll need quick reflexes and an ability to anticipate the best moment …

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Joy of Slow Photography

Photography, practised as an art form, has the power to transform your life … or at the very least, the way you look at things. The power of today’s digital cameras makes it possible for us to create images quickly, efficiently and without thought. But I ask you, is that why you take photographs? For …

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Not So Wildlife Photography

Where is wildlife considered to be “not so wildlife”? In a zoo, of course. Here are some tips and ideas about shooting in a zoo that may be some help should you find yourself at one during your next vacation. I made the photos accompanying this column at the internationally-renowned Frankfurt Zoo this past summer. …

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Fine Art Photography

Andy Warhol once said, “Photographers feel guilty that all they do for a living is press a button.” The digital era has made it possible for most everyone to take “good” pictures, so what sets fine art photographers apart from the rest? In my view, fine art photography has more to do with the creative …

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Respectful Nature Photography

Taking your digital camera along for a trek in the tundra or through the woods allows you to capture all the wonders and visions that being outdoors can offer. Yukon has some of the most pristine wilderness areas anywhere on Earth. However, taking advantage of the opportunity to visit it carries some responsibilities. You are …

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Using Flash Photography

There are some photographers who frown on the use of flash photography. I believe that, used effectively, flash is a tool that can sometimes make the difference between getting the shot… or not. Electronic flash is provided by an in-camera pop-up, an accessory unit attached to the top of your digital camera, or even by …

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