The Gaslight Follies

Grand Times at the Palace

The second full revival season has been launched at the Palace Grand theatre. Marveling at the theatre is past due; It’s time to celebrate that the theatre is hosting more than daytime Parks Canada programming. There’s nothing wrong with showing off our treasure, or staging the Greatest Klondiker in the afternoons, but the Palace Grand …

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Front Street’s Elegant Showcase

The Commissioner’s Residence sits on Front Street, just past St. Paul’s Anglican Church, in Dawson City.  It is one of six buildings in town designed by Thomas Fuller II, who eventually followed in his father’s footsteps to become the Chief Dominion Architect of Canada.  Five of these buildings — the Old Post Office, the Court …

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Picking the Greatest Klondiker

It has, unfortunately, been a number of years since a really top-notch piece of stagecraft graced the boards at the Palace Grand Theatre on a regular basis. Since the demise of the Gaslight Follies Parks Canada has been trying to find ways to bring people into this exciting old building and has sponsored a number …

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