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The Greenhouse Column

Help Your Plants Find the Light

Light is the main requirement for your seedlings once they have emerged from the soil whether they are flowers, vegetables or herbs.Having a sunny south bay window may not be enough intense light to prevent the seedlings from...

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Veggies Like a Warm Bed

If you haven’t planted your garden, now is definitely the time to get growing.Remember to plant your seeds — such as carrots, beets and lettuce — fairly shallow. The depth of the seed bed that is required for...

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Getting Your Greenhouse In Order

At this point in the season, maintenance is the goal for keeping your greenhouse productive now and in the coming month.Despite the snow at the beginning of June, the plants in your greenhouse should be growing rapidly.I would...

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Plants Helping Plants

One of the more interesting characteristics of plants is that plants are affected chemically by the aroma from leaves, roots and by soil micro-organisms.Knowing which plants like each other and which don’t, and planting...

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