The Other 33%

The ‘Grid Siphon’

A robust breed that turns their backs on running (hot) water, limitless electricity, indoor plumbing, & mechanical laundry. Not Gridless Sid.

Fast and Friendly

Small towns are different than cities in many ways, which includes how one interacts with fellow community members. People get nestled into their relatively small social world, know everyone, and become small-town yokels. I’m not talking about the big things, like Chatty-Cathys with an infatuation with everyone else’s dirty laundry, but rather the minor and …

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Northern Migrants

Spring is near, with a sure indication being the en route and soon-to-depart migrants of the North. The first to arrive are the fair-weather Northerns, returning from southern winter retreats. These people are the envy of town, blessed with living the dream of eternal summer, bouncing between the southern Canada/USA or Caribbean and the Yukon’s …

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Mount Maichen Ski Hill: A Tradition of Kindness

I was disturbed to see a local writer publicly disapproving of how the Mount Maichen Ski Hill is operated. Her article depicts this hill as a poorly run, poor excuse for a ski hill. Strangely, this author is from the very community she defiles. It’s obvious you’re just trying to rattle the Chatty-Kathys, and I …

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Hurry Up and Relax!

If anyone deserves an equatorial break from winter, it is us, the North-of-60ers. Other than those living above treeline, we have been darker and colder for longer than any other Canadians. And, justifying a warm break is not hard, if one is fortunate enough to have the opportunity. So when the tropical portal presented itself, …

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