The Pit

Regulars and Rooms for Rent

Compared to the Klondike-era poems we’re familiar with, it seems that Tara Borin’s poetry breaks ground by presenting a post-gold rush, post-Robert Service perspective of Dawson.

Tout en musique pour la Fête de la Saint-Jean

La Saint-Jean, qu’est-ce que ? À l’origine, une fête païenne célébrée, le 24 juin, depuis quelques siècles, qui a, par la suite, été christianisée. On y faisait des feux de joie, on chantait et on dansait, le tout pour célébrer l’arrivée de l’été et le jour le plus long de l’année! Depuis une cinquantaine d’années, …

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Summer Fun has Begun

Look around. The birds are singing, canoes and kayaks are back on Subaru roof racks and my neighbour seems to have an urge for gardening at 11:30 p.m. These are signs of summer. It’s a change from spending much of our time inside, sipping hot tea and feeding the woodstove to living the wild and …

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The Soul is Back in Dawson City

For those who like to boogey down, Miles from Motown, formerly the Soul Sunday Band, is back in Dawson to make it happen. Every Sunday night during the summer at the Westminster hotel, Fred Osson, Jennifer Migliorini, Wray Auger, Richard Halliday and Drew Davies take to the stage and bring a little funk into everyone’s …

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Honk if you Like to Dance

On a Friday night last month, they performed in Dawson City’s no-frills Pit lounge. The next night, they entertained the black-tie set for two hours at the Commissioner’s Ball, then found a house party and kept playing until 5:30 the next morning. They’ve popped up for spontaneous sessions on street corners, the Superstore parking lot, …

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Things That Go Bump in the Night

I’ve got the creeps, the willies, and the jim-jams. I’ve just heard ghost stories from Heidi Bliedungand Aaron Burnie from the love-worn, historic Westminster Hotel in Dawson City. I’m also relieved that Bliedung and Burnie, who both work at the Westminster, were willing to talk to me about ghosts. Recently, another fellow told me he …

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Face it, Yukoners Like Booze

American liquor connoisseurs have Canada to thank for keeping their palates wet during Prohibition, as it was Canadians who made sure they didn’t go thirsty. In fact, in its heyday Canadian-based Seagrams was the largest distiller in the world. It’s no wonder than that Canadians are always near, if not at, the top when it …

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Old Cabin, New Gig

The Frostbite Music Festival has always been an important part of Jona Barr’s life. He grew up in a musical environment that included annual attendance of one of Whitehorse’s best-loved music festivals. But his involvement with Frostbite didn’t stop there; later he began to take an active role in making it happen, from co-organizing the …

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