The Sophisticated Cavemen

This Is Sophisticated Cavemen

Everyone at Whitewater Wednesday (and its spin-off Saltwater Saturday) knows that any band with Rick Sward is guaranteed to be fun … and The Sophisticated Cavemen is no exception. They prove this by switching from jazz standards like All of Me, to bluegrass like Johnson Grass Farm, to reggae, The Israelites, and finally to Stan …

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Playing Strings by Heart, Not by Ear

Watching Ivan Zenovitch play is as exciting as listening to him. His fingers dance across the neck and strings of his guitar in amazingly complex patterns of notes and chords. It’s all the more amazing since Zenovitch is hard of hearing. “My parents are deaf-mutes,” Zenovitch explains over coffee at Baked Café, speaking almost as …

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Album cover

Diyet’s Poetic Lyrics are Heartfelt and True

With these lyrics from Home, the opening track of Diyet‘s debut album, The Breaking Point, the singer/songwriter from Burwash Landing sets the mood for this CD. She reflects on her hometown, a tiny, remote First Nations community, with its beauty and its struggles. Her community has a tie that brings her back, and is a …

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The music moves to Haines

Once again, the streets of Whitehorse will be bare as its citizens flock to the next big summer weekend event. On this weekend, July 29 to Aug. 1, the draw will be the Southeast Alaska S tate Fair in Haines, Alaska. The private, non-profit organization is once again filling its 42 acres of land with …

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