Tom Rudge

Real Food Columnist Tom Rudge farms with his wife, Simone, and children, Claire and Graham, at Aurora Mountain Farm, one of several certified organic farms in the Yukon.

Locally grown, raised, harvested, crafted …

The long-running Fireweed community farmers market has grown over the years into a destination event each week, as a multitude of local farmers, vendors and crafters gather to share their products.

Chicken and Egg

Smooth and brown, the eggs slip through the machine where they are held up one at a time to the light. The light shines through the shells and illuminates the interior of the egg and then the machine moves the egg down the light so the next egg can be inspected. This process, called candling, …

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Generation ‘why-not’

Those of us in the workforce who are over the age of 30 have one thing in common: we have nothing in common with those under 30. Those elements that are true in this sweeping generalization (crafted solely to offer a punchy lead) are a pity: we “old folks” should have more in common with …

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