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Fresh Art for the Territory’s Newest Gallery

Gallery 22 takes wing with its first solo show. Dan Bushnell’s ravens fly through areas of layered colour or urban environments across the gallery’s white walls above Triple J’s Music shop. Straight black paint, sometimes with blended-in white highlights, carry the shapes and forms of Bushnell’s ravens. These ravens inhabit an abstract or urban environment, …

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Give in to your temptation

Martin’s solo career launched when The Tea Party went on a hiatus in 2005, before getting back together in 2011. The break provided an opportunity for the three bandmates to reset and explore different opportunities after a long stint together. Martin and Burrows had a band when they were 10 years old, and met Chatwood …

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Paradise is ‘plugging in’

The Yukon’s annual electronic Paradise Music Festival is back and is set to take off July 27–29 at Kettley’s Canyon, at Marsh Lake.

BC/DC is back (not on Black, on Jarvis)

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll, but British Columbia’s famed tribute act to legendary rockers AC/DC, aptly named BC/DC, is already there.

Tatoo You: Nakatsuka Masamichi

Tatoo You: Nakatsuka Masamichi. Have a tattoo that’s important to you? Inspired by the Yukon? Submit yours and show it off!

The Yukon Arts Scene Gets Fantastic

The Yukon prides itself on the talented resident artists who portray our vistas, wild creatures and northern life. This October, the Heavy Metal North Art Exhibition will bring Yukoners something  darker, heavier, and a lot more fantastical than the usual fare. Seven Yukon fantasy artists — some showing their work publicly for the first time …

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Get Ready to Twist and Shout

Haines Junction may never be the same again following the Beatles tribute shows being planned by Junction Arts and Music (JAM). JAM is hosting Britain’s Finest, a Beatles tribute band, for two rousing concerts in Haines Junction on Jan. 22 and 23, at St. Elias Convention Centre. Britain’s Finest is hailed as one of the …

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More than just music

Meet Jordi Mikeli-Jones — a renaissance woman. She is the owner of the popular Triple J’s Music, Tattoos and Piercing. She is president of Kona’s Coalition, a non-profit organization that works towards improving animal welfare in the Yukon. She was the first female resident DJ in Whitehorse, and she is the founder and promoter of …

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Tattoo You: Sara Alexis

Hello readers, Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it inspired by something or someone in the Yukon? Please submit a highres image of your ink along with a brief explanation of its significance to [email protected] Tattooed: Sara Alexis This tattoo was thought up on my drive across Canada to move …

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Grand Canyon

Whitehorse-based, Swedish-Canadian songwriter Sarah MacDougall has a new album, Grand Canyon, with some dark, intense lyrics, mixed against pop-inspired folk music. It’s not a departure from her previous music, so much as a progression. MacDougall says, “I think the last album [the West Coast Music Award-winning The Greatest Ones Alive] was on its way to …

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Good music, good cause

For 20 bucks, you can enjoy 12 hours of live music at Shipyards Park this weekend and support the Yukon Humane Society. The Sunstroke Music Festival, one of three weekend festivals that make up the Solstice Festival, first ran in the summer of 2006 as the brainchild of Jordi Mikeli-Jones, also the proprietor of Triple …

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A No-Holds-Barred Halloween Smackdown!

The sexiness and sass of Varietease combined with the high energy, easy-to-dance-to rockabilly stylings of Sasquatch Prom Date. Throw in a promises-to-be-scary haunted house, bat girls hanging from the ceiling, prizes for best costume, not to mention two bars, and Halloween at the Yukon Convention Centre looks to be the place to be on Saturday, …

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Artrepreneur: For the Young at ‘Art

There’s a gorgeous new gallery in town. You climb the stairs at the back of Triple J’s Music’s new location, past a potter’s wheel, past walls lovingly embellished with graffiti, past a purple bicycle with a purple-patterned velvet banana seat. Then you come to the entrance of Gallery 22. Professional-quality vinyl lettering lists the artists …

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Their Own Thousand Words on Africa

Local photographer Lisa Marino believes in the power of her medium. According to her, photographs are a “universal language” in which people from a variety of backgrounds can experience commonality. “Eight different people from eight different cultures can all look at the same picture and understand it,” says Marino. As such, photographers can be, among …

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Alleyway perspectives

Fresh, pristine walls hold images of beauty in utilitarian surroundings. A gritty, plain alley is transformed into an artist’s studio, with ever-shifting shadows to complement the portraits. Morgan “Mo” Whibley is the photographer that makes the mundane magic and the ordinary into something fleeting and original. “I started shooting the pieces for my own interest. …

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