Squawking with a Swan

One day in 2011, Todd Pilgrim was returning from a hike when he saw something grey and silverish by the road. As he went closer, he discovered that it was a young tundra swan. It had a drooping wing and couldn’t fly away. That’s how real-life tale behind Pilgrim’s children’s book, Angie, the Tundra Swan, …

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Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve has been helping injured, orphaned, and sick animals for over ten years. Located 25 minutes from downtown Whitehorse on the Hot Springs Road, It is a very important place in Whitehorse because if animals need a home they can take refuge there and be safe. Staff at the preserve’s rehabilitation centre …

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So, just what is a vet?

This is the first column in a monthly series in which Jim Kenyon will answer readers’ questions about animals and animal care. As in any profession, many questions people ask veterinarians are often repeated. When I was in practice, it sometimes felt as if discussing parasites in dogs or vaccines in cats was launching into …

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Checkpoint checklist

As I stand behind the counter of the Dawson City Visitor Information Centre, I look at the eight people sitting in a semicircle around me. They have pens, notepads and wear expectant looks on their faces. We are at the volunteer meeting for the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race and everyone is …

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Emergencies & Pet Peeves

One of the most common emergency calls that vets get is for seizures in dogs. Other animals can have seizures, but most of the calls involve dogs. Most people know roughly what epilepsy is, but much of the disease remains a mystery to most. Technically, epilepsy is a focus of abnormal electrical activity in the …

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A Day in a Vet’s Life

There’s a lot of serious stuff in my profession, as with many others, but sometimes things just happen that get pretty funny. I’ve had two reporters do full-page stories on the “life of a vet”. Once, in Ontario, the reporter followed me around on large animal calls and a few small animal office visits. What …

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