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Vino Borealis

Big House Red

I was in the Yukon Liquor Corporation about six weeks ago, when I was delighted to make the acquaintance of an old friend.Looking for an interesting red, I saw a familiar label on an unfamiliar carton. On the bottom shelf of the...

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Matching Wine to Cheese Fondue

I’m always interested whether when people choose the foods for dinner first, and then select accompanying wines, or vice versa. I use both methods.Several weekends ago my partner and I hosted a cheese fondue in honour of a...

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Autumn Brings Renewed Interest in Chiantis

While we had an exceptional summer, part of me welcomes the changing leaves, grey cool days, slower pace, stars, and northern lights.This change of season has brought me back to our kitchen, making pasta, pizza and roast meats....

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Fundraising Fun avec Vin

About a year ago, I worked with Yukon Artists @ Work on a project called “Canvas Confidential,” a fundraiser to help Yukon artists if illness prevented them from working.As part of this event, we hosted a wine...

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